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6th Shuqun Secondary Student Council Investiture on 23 July 2014

Dear students,

In 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami struck the eastern coast of Japan. The waves were so high they destroyed almost all the buildings along the coast and killed more than 15000 people. A forest of 70000 pine trees was destroyed, with the exception of 1.

This is a picture of that pine tree.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the new batch of student councillors at the 6th Shuqun Secondary Student Council Investiture.

Let me start by thanking the work done by the outgoing student councillors who will be stepping down today. In particular, the outgoing EXCO has been meeting myself and the teachers regularly since last year. They have gathered feedback from the students through Facebook and suggested improvements such as the visualiser platform which the D&T students installed in every class, and the study corners as well as the fans around the school. Just last week, the EXCO wrote to me to tell me that it was quite warm in the classrooms and suggested that we might be able to put extra fans in the classes at the top level of F block, where it is the warmest. The outgoing committee will also be planning and organising the 4N and 4E/5N graduation nights for the rest of their peers. All this have made the school experience better for everyone in Shuqun.

Other than the EXCO, some of the outgoing councillors have also been involved in interesting activities over the last year. 4 SCs took part in the National Secondary School Student Leaders Conference and together with some of the NT leaders, facilitated a project called “I love this Little Red Dot”. This was an exhibition which the students put up at the canteen during Total Defence early this year, which included a map of Singapore where students could put up messages about why they love Singapore. In addition, all the SCs have been heavily involved in serving the school through the running of various activities, such as the Sec 1 orientation, the Parent Teacher Meetings, Sports Day and Speech Day.

Through these activities, I hope that you have learnt important skills of planning, administration, project and people management. I hope that you have learnt the school values such as resilience, care and harmony in deeper and more meaningful ways. Most importantly, I hope you have found satisfaction in being able to help others in the school and the community, and to think in their shoes. I remember that in one conversation I had with the EXCO, when we were discussing the budget for graduation night, one of the EXCO members brought up the fact that some of her friends might not be able to afford the prom clothes if we made the celebration too fancy. Being able to think of the needs of others before yourself is one of the basic requirements of being a good leader.

To the new Student Councillors who are joining the council today, you have been chosen by your friends and your teachers because you represent the best of what it means to be a Shuqunite. Thank you for stepping forward to serve, because it is not easy to be a leader. You will find that you are held to higher expectations because of the tie you wear. You do not only have to role-model good behaviour but you have to encourage the same in your friends. You will have to balance your SC duties with your CCA and your academic studies.

But if you are able to persevere, you will find yourself growing like this pine tree, strong and with deep roots, able to take on any challenges that come your way.

Thank you.

Mr Chia

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(Parent Teacher Meeting)

Sec 2 Parent-Teacher-Meeting and Subject Option Meeting will take place on Thursday, 29 May 2014, at 7 p.m. Registration will start at 6.30.p.m. Venue for Sec 2E and 2NA will be at the Multi-Purpose Hall, level 2. Venue for Sec 2NT will be at the AV Room, level 3. Parents may collect a queue card from our student councillors at the registration desk to see the Form Teacher after the briefing in the hall, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Sec 1 and 3 Parent-Teacher-Meeting will take place on Friday, 30 May 2014, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parents can make appointment to see either the Form Teachers or Subject Teachers through the school portal under the tab 'Parent Teacher Meeting' from 26 May 2014.